March 2017

Tips On Making Your Kitchen Appear More Spacious Than It Is

If you are someone who enjoys cooking and spending time in that space, then no doubt you will have a “dream kitchen” in mind for yourself. Large open spaces with plenty of room to dance your way through while you cook definitely sounds ideal to most of us. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easily achieved. Most times, we have to make do with moderately sized kitchens. But this doesn’t mean we should feel cramped up cooking there. Here are a few tips on making your kitchen feel more spacious than it actually is.

• Make it the brightest space of your home. If it has windows, take the maximum out of it. Push away anything that obstructs the sunlight from seeping into your kitchens spaces. This also includes thick drapes and blinds. If it doesn’t have a window, make sure to light it up artistically so that there’s not a single corner shadowed. Pendant lights are an excellent option here.

• Speak to your kitchen designers about the ideal colors. Generally, when trying to make a room appear larger, most designers opt for using white or the lightest of shades. Talk to them about having an accent wall for the kitchen too. Remember to get your furniture too in white or light colors. You can brighten up with colorful appliances and utensils too.

• Make sure your kitchen cabinets don’t dominate the space. If possible (according to the place where your live in), try and get floating or open shelves for your numerous recipe books. With the cabinets, choose simple cabinet designs that don’t take a lot of extra space; and try to have glass doors for it. And though it is harder to maintain, even glass shelves inside your cabinets can make them appear more spacious.

• Be smart about how you store things. The easier it is for you to access things, the less you’d feel that the place is cramped or too small for you. Organize your utensils, appliances and food so that the most frequently used can be found within seconds. It’s also a good idea to categorize them according to how you use them.

• Always, always, keep your working space clutter free. Make sure to always return the things to their assigned places, and to tuck away the wires of appliances once they have been unplugged. This alone can help you create more space; making your cooking area feel more spacious. It is an added benefit that this makes it much easier for you to clean up spills and messes, as well as keep the place dust free.